Do you smell it?
Do you smell it?

Let's Remember Some Shitty Bands (Inaugural Edition)

Welcome to the first edition of Let’s Remember Some Shitty Bands.

You, concerned: But SB, what will this series be about?

Me, unphased: Great question! This series will be about shitty bands from the 90s through today, who had either a single hit, or, quite possibly, no hits. This sounds like amazing content, right?


You, unsure of the need for a series like this: ...

Me, furiously researching bands: You’ll love this, trust me. Also, #content!

Our first shitty band is Prime STH, coming to us from Stockholm, Sweden. For those of you unfamiliar with basic geography, Sweden is a country in Northern Europe. Northern Europe is the Europe the United Kingdom doesn’t *really* want to BREXIT from, because it is very white (like the UK wishes it still was), but those damned countries that are not primarily white (hi Spain!) are screwing it up for the Nigel Farage’s of the world, and...well, you get the picture. Also, fuck Nigel Farage.


Prime STH is an alternative rock act that formed in in the late 90s/early 00s. They released two albums: 2001's Underneath the Surface, and 2004s Beautiful Awakening. I’ve heard the first one, and I cannot overstate this enough: this is really, really bland music. This is alt-rock for the Hallmark Channel crowd, but even they would probably find this to be too bland and uninspiring to listen to more than once.

The band’s only hit—only single, possibly—came from Underneath the Surface. “I’m Stupid (Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me)“ is not so much a song title as it is a warning—we should not worry about this band. Honestly, the fact that I had to dig into the memory banks to remember not only the name of this song, but then do actual research about the band, is probably the most attention this act deserves, and possibly more so. It’s worth noting, the “I’m Stupid” part of the title *is* worth worrying about, though, because this is exactly what you’ll be saying to yourself after a) reading this blog post, and b) clicking “play” below:

See? I told you.

Check out the facial hair going on above! This is Matt and Jeff Hardy if Jeff had done less drugs, and Matt hadn’t gained so much damn weight. The album cover for Underneath is vintage late-90s/early-00s cover album dreck: strange poses in questionable choices in attire, with tricks of the light to seal the deal. These guys are so...everyone...from that time period. For all I know, one of you guys is from this band.


Maybe I’m being too harsh. After all, I still remember this song 18 years after it was first released (I first downloaded this via Audiogalaxy in my now ex-wife’s dorm room), and for shitty alt-rock (read: alt-pop), it is damn catchy. This is definitely the type of song you never admit to having in your iTunes library, though, unless some really hot girl is asking you about it and you think copping to having it is going to help you score (it won’t).

Thanks for joining us for Let’s Remember Some Shitty Bands! I told you this would be good #content! The next edition (whenever THAT happens) will feature an equally shitty band, I promise.

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