Do you smell it?

Are we just clinging to the past?

Deadspin, which is where most of us originated (and how we got here), is essentially a husk of it’s former self. If any of you have made it over to the main page, you’ll see there hasn’t been a new post (not even a cross-post) since 11:49 pm, on November 4th. That’s four days ago, which is eternity for a blog of Deadspin’s size.

Deadspin, or more accurately, G/O Media, owns Deadspin and Kinja. The ownership have already made noise about disappearing all the user-created blogs (like this one), and while we’ve been granted a temporary reprieve, there’s no guarantee we won’t wake up tomorrow to find Sidespin/Gawrker shuttered.


What do you think? Do we move on to greener pastures, like another blogging platform? Or do we hold on to what we’ve got?

Anyway, here’s a Foo Fighters video. Happy Friday.

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