Do you smell it?

Please God No

With the demise of Deadspin, Twitter has become my go-to log in in the morning, followed closely by Gawrker (or Sidespin, whatever your pleasure). Imagine my surprise when I find this in my Twitter feed this morning:

It’s not like we don’t know Deadspin is, well, dead. Really, it is. There seem to be some very badly composed headlines posting periodically, with no bylines, but the site iiiiiiis nooooooo mooooooooore. But I’ll be honest, I had not given too much thought to what was going to happen to Deadspin as an intellectual property. I just assumed it would die off, slowly (or quickly), but that it would definitely die.


I wasn’t ready for this, though:

Jesus Christ.

The idea of Deadspin coming back as right-leaning, or full on right-wing, “sports” site is a disgusting thought. It flies in the face of everything Deadspin has become, particularly over the last few years. Leitch makes a good point, though—making it personal against the (now departed) staff seems to be the modus operandi of everything Maidment, Spanfeller, and Great Hill engaged in, beginning several months ago, and culminating in Barry’s firing.


The idea of a Deadspin that is the “Breitbart of Sports” sounds like Curtis Wenis’s wet dream, though.

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